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Kontaktai – informacinis portalas lietuviams, gyvenantiems Jungtinėje Karalystėje bei planuojantiems čia atvykti. Jums pateikiamos ne tik paskutinės naujienos, bet ir straipsniai emigrantams aktualiomis temomis – gyvenimas užsienyje, būsto ir darbo paieška, socialinė sistema, britų tradicijos ir gyvenimo būdas, lietuvių veikla Jungtinėje Karalystėje. Skaitytojų laiškai visada laukiami!


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  1. Dear Lietuviai

    On behalf of Polish Psychologists’ Association we would like to use your platform to share the information about free career advice and personality tests that can be taken by your audience.
    The aim of the research project is to evaluate what professions make the best match regarding individuals’ personality, interests, cognitive skills and values. We believe it is a great opportunity to strengthen employability skills and improve the chance of getting a job of their dreams and we have confidence the our tool can effectively assist in the process.

    The project is subsidised by the EU funds (Erasmus+) which is the reason why the test can be offered free of charge to the users.

    Currently we can offer 100 free passes to your audience, if it seems of your interests please let us know what would be the most effective way we can share it with your audience e.g direct email campaigns to subscribers, social media channels, website.

    I am enclosing further information below, in the event you would have any enquiries please contact Iwona on 0751 516 4649 or

    Inviation to collaborate – validation tests

    We invite young adult entering the job market (between 16-25.y.o) to participate in the study.

    All participants will be granted a one off free access to the tool and will receive an individual report containing feedback on their personality and career path straight after completing the tests:

    The project

    The research includes three career and personality tests:

    CAT (80 minutes)
    The Holland Test (30 minutes)
    NEO PR test (30 minutes)

    After completing the tests an individual report containing tests results is provided to the user. The tests can be taken in separate slots and on average it takes 140 minutes to complete all three (please see a time break down above).

    Entry requirements

    Language: English (intermediate level)
    Age: 15-26yo
    Location: UK


    We also have managed to secure a small budget for the researchers who recruit the participants. We can provide 167GBP for a group of 20 participants.

    About CAT project

    The project Carrer Tree (CAT)

    “Career Tree” is a set of computerized tests and information materials developed by an international team of psychologists and career counselors from Spain, Slovenia, Turkey and the United Kingdom, with the coordination of experts from the University of Economics and Innovation in Lublin. The aim of the tool is to determine predispositions, abilities and professional interests of students and young adults entering the labor market. “Career Tree” provides a valuable and comprehensive information on both the test person as well as his or her parents and teachers, counselors, educators and psychologists. The tool helps in preparing CV in different languages ​​and allows contact with prospective employers, both in Poland and in the international labor market. From the next month we will conduct throughout the country the validation study of “Career Tree” to prepare the tool take full advantage.

    About PPA

    PPA was funded in London in 2006 by a group of psychologists who settled in London and wanted to offer professional support to those who struggled the most with challenges associated with rebuilding their lives in a new country. As the time went by, our charity grew stronger and in 2012 we were granted a Charity Commission licence 1146273.
    Over the past decade we have been providing psychological support to the Polish diaspora living in the UK. Every year over 1500 clients use PPA’s services in London as well as in other parts of the country. Every day our hard-working volunteers provide psychological counselling to individuals as well as children and families in Hammersmith. We also provide other forms of support such as workshops, CV clinic and support groups. We associate over 250 professionals around the country and we aim to increase the numbers each year.

    Kind Regards,
    Aleksandra Lepak

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